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This site makes frequent use of Greek letters and mathematical symbols. All of the pages use UTF-8 text encoding and should be compatible with modern browsers. However, I've recently discovered a couple of characters which failed to display properly with Internet Explorer. I believe I've corrected the problem. However, for future reference, I've created a list of special symbols used on this site. If your browser fails to display any of these characters, or if you find any other browser incompatibilities, please send me an email with the following information:

  1. Browser Name and version number;

  2. Operating System Name and version number;

  3. The characters which are not displaying correctly;

  4. Other browser display problems you encounter.

Symbols Used on this Site

√ - Square root

× - Multiplication sign

ℓ - Script lowercase L

¼ - Fraction 1/4

⅓ - Fraction 1/3

½ - Fraction 1/2

⅔ - Fraction 2/3

¾ - Fraction 3/4

α - Lowercase alpha

β - Lowercase beta

γ - Lowercase gamma

θ - Lowercase theta

µ - Lowercase mu

π - Lowercase pi

φ - Lowercase phi

ϕ - Symbol phi (no longer used on this site due to MSIE bug)

ɸ - Latin lowercase phi (tentative)

ψ - Lowercase psi

ω - Lowercase omega

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This page last updated: February 25, 2021

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