Here are some links to interesting Radio and Electronics sites:


Antique Radio Forums - A forum devoted to collecting and restoration of antique radios.

The RadioBoard - A forum for homebrew radio builders, hosted by Dave Schmarder.

Personal & Non-Commercial Websites:

Birmingham Crystal Radio Group - Host of several popular DX contests.

Cool386's Australian Site of Vintage Technology - Some interesting vacuum tube FM receiver projects as well as other electronics projects.

Dave’s Homemade Radios - Dave Schmarder’s site highlighting his homebrew radio projects. - Dick Kleijer's excellent site, in Dutch and English. Lots of technical information and radio projects. - An excellent source of radio & electronics theory, from elementary to advanced.

Harry’s Hombrew Page - Lots of interesting radio and other electronics by Harry Lythall SM0VPO. - An interesting collection of vacuum tube projects and information on space charge tubes and compactron tubes.

Mike’s Electric Stuff - A fascinating site devoted to odd and obscure electronics including all things high voltage: Tesla coils, NIXIEs, Geissler tubes etc.

StationQRP - Some nice Amateur Radio tube transmitter projects.

The Sparkbench - Vintage commercial radios, and beautifully crafted homebrew receivers.

Tom's Designer Radios - Works of art that happen to be functional radios.

Tube Pocket Portable Radio Projects - A Japanese site (with some pages in English) devoted to homebrew pocket sized radios made with vacuum tubes. This is the site, more than any other, that inspired me to build low parts count vacuum tube receivers.

Commercial Websites:

Midnight Science - Hard to find parts and kits for homebrew radio builders

Pacific TV - Canadian source for vacuum tubes, and free tech-info downloads for vintage Canadian electronics.

Peebles Originals - Even more hard to find parts and kits for homebrew radio builders.

Sphere Research - A source of electronic parts including CRTs, vacuum tubes, obsolete semiconductors, NIXIE and other numeric display tubes, as well as lots of free technical literature.

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