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This site does not use cookies. It does not track users, nor collect any information about users.

At present, this site does not have a valid security certificate, thus creating difficulties if you try to connect to this site securely using
https: — your browser will warn you that either the site is not secure, or that the certificate is invalid (and may or may not allow you to connect). Since this site does not collect any user information, the risks of using a non-secure http: connection are very low, in most cases. The primary risk is when a user connects to the Internet through a malicious access point masquerading as a free wireless service in a public location such as an airport or a coffee shop. The malicious access point can insert malicious html code into the downloaded pages, most often appearing on the web page as buttons or links which may take you to a malicious website. Such buttons or links are unlikely to match the style of the rest of this website, so that should be a warning. Also, you should never set up your computer or handheld device to connect automatically to any network that it finds. If you are accessing this site over a trusted access point such as your own home wireless router, then there should be very little to worry about.

The existing security certificate for this site provided by my old web hosting company became invalid when they were bought out by another hosting company. Due to problems with the current hosting company, I’m unable to get a new certificate, and am exploring various options.