Simple L C Resonance Calculator

Given any two out of three:

Calculates the third value at resonance.

See below for additional notes.

Input Parameters (enter at least two):
Inductance L:  µH
Capacitance C:  pF
Frequency F:  kHz

The formula used here for calculating LC resonance is:

This simple formula does not account for any resistance which may be in the circuit. For this reason the calculated values will be the same for both series and parallel resonant circuits, except as noted otherwise in the results.

You may enter two or three values. If you enter two values, then the third will be calculated and displayed. If you enter all three values, then the parallel and series reactances at the specified frequency will be calculated and displayed.

Positive reactance values are below resonance and are inductive.
Negative reactance values are above resonance and are capacitive.

When you enter frequency plus either Capacitance or Inductance, or both, the reactance of each of these will be calculated at the specified frequency, and displayed.

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