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Loop Antenna Inductance Calculations

These are two open document format spreadsheet files for calculating inductance of  polygonal flat spiral loops and polygonal helical loops.

2016-05-19 Update note: I’ve received some feedback from Excel users reporting problems using the .ods format files, so I’ve now added .xls format files which should fix the problem. If you have any problems with these files, please let me know.

Download Spiral Loop Inductance Spreadsheet:

Download Helical Loop Inductance Spreadsheet:

In addition, here is a spreadsheet for determining self-capacitance and verifying inductance using a series of test measurements as described on this page.

Download Self-capacitance Spreadsheet:

Polynomial Least Squares Fitting Calculator

This is a small utility that will fit your x-y data points to a polynomial curve of any specified degree. It was also a bit of an experiment at building applications to run on Raspberyy Pi computers.

Windows version:

Macintosh version:

Raspberry Pi version:

Superhet Tracking Calculator

This is a multipurpose application that aids in the design of superheterodyne receiver tracking, as well as bandspread calculations and tuning capacitor frequency scale calibration. Unlike other tracking calculators which require the user to enter 3 tracking frequencies, this program optimizes the tracking and determines the best tracking frequencies for the given tuning range and other specified parameters.

Current version is 1.01

[Updated 2008-11-12]

Download Macintosh version (for PowerPC or Intel, OSX 10.3 or later):

Download Windows version (for Windows 2000 or later):

Download 32 bit Linux version (GTK+ 2.x, Intel processors): 32 bit

2023-02-02 Update note: I've now added a long overdue 64 bit version (GTK+ 3.x, Intel processors): 64 bit

Download the Tracker Documentation (all platforms).

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