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One Tube Direct Conversion Receiver

This project makes interesting use of the unique characteristics of a 6JH8 beam deflection tube. I used this in the Summer 2008 Homebrew DX contest and logged 109 stations with it. More info …

One Tube 2xReflexed Superheterodyne Receiver

Based on a 6ME8. Not a multi-section tube, but just a single active device that can drive a speaker on DX. More info …

Two Tube Superheterodyne Receiver

This was my first Superhet project. I used this in the 2008 winter 1AD Contest held annually by the Birmingham Alabama Crystal Radio Group. More info …

One Tube AM Broadcast Transmitter

Screen modulation with carrier control

Uses a 6M11 Compactron 3-section tube. More info …


Proceed at your own risk!

Many of the projects described on these pages operate at voltages which are high enough to injure or kill. Do not attempt to build or operate any of these projects unless you are properly trained to work with these voltages.

Improved One Tube AM Broadcast Transmitter.

Screen modulation with carrier control

Uses a 6CQ8 2-section tube. More info …

Mystery Crystal Set.

An ever popular design. More info …

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FM Crystal Radio.

A true frequency discriminator circuit. More info …

Low Parts Count Nixie Display Driver.

Two chips and a few passive components. More info …

3 - Tube AM-Stereo Broadcast Transmitter.

Yes, it really is possible!

No IC's; no transistors; just three tubes.

Uses two 6CQ8's and one 6HA5. More info …

Tube Audio Amplifier.

A low power amplifier to drive desktop speakers.

More info …

Vintage Style 3-Tube Superheterodyne Receiver

Uses 1930’s era battery tubes. More info …

General Purpose Controller For AD9850/51
Direct Digital Synthesis Frequency Generator
Direct frequency entry to 1 Hz resolution, and a sweep function.

More info …